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Helping You Find An Educated & Empowering Experience Through Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum.

Support For The Whole Family

As a birth doula it is my job to nurture and support your growing family.  Allow me to walk beside you as you prepare and adapt to life with a new baby. I will encourage you, your partner, and your body to work together through a process you were designed for.

Every Time I Serve You, I Will Provide

Unlimited Phone Calls, Texts, And Emails

Judgement-Free Support

Emotional Support for You & Your Family

Reassurance that your physiological birth goals are achievable and your journey can be filled with peace, happiness, and encouragement.

Up-To-Date & Relevant Evidence-Based Information

What Is A Birth Doula?

The term doula dates back to ancient greek meaning “a woman who serves”.  

A birth doula is an educated professional who serves other women and their families through the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and the immediate postpartum. Doulas help families educate themselves on the options available to them in different environments and situations.


So, what makes me the right doula for you?

As a doula, I support your body’s deep instinctual ability to grow, protect, birth, and nourish your baby. Through my birth doula packages I offer prenatal guidance to navigate choices that will support what your body is designed to do. 

Together we will build a comprehensive birth and postpartum plan keeping in mind that part of parenthood is the need to adapt to change. I will guide you through activities and practices that will encourage favorable fetal positioning and prepare your mind and body for physiological childbirth. 

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My Process

On Your Birthing Day

When your baby’s birth day arrives I will support you via phone and text until you are ready for me to join you in person. I join most couples in their home before the arrival of their midwife and stay with them until about 3 hours postpartum when mom, dad, and baby snuggle in for a much-deserved nap. At this time I will assist in initial breastfeeding, cleanup, and your first postpartum meal. 

I will make sure both the mother and the partner are nourished, hydrated, rested, and supported physically and emotionally. I will suggest positions that help your body and baby work together through the stages of labor. I will remind you and your support that this is a natural and beautiful process that is best achieved when approached with confidence and grace. 

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Immediate Postpartum

In the immediate postpartum, I will encourage and support a physiological and instinctual approach to breastfeeding and physical healing. In the first 6 weeks I will be available to you for any of your needs regarding your birth, baby, family, and healing. I will help connect you to any resources that may be beneficial such as a lactation specialist, postpartum therapist, family therapist, chiropractic care, craniosacral care, physical therapists….etc.  

At the bittersweet final postpartum visit we will walk through your birth story from each of our perspectives. We will talk through my lens as a birth professional, your perspective as the mother, and the perspective of your labor support. At this time we will also discuss any lingering questions. 

"Supporting families through an intimate, life-changing event is such a beautiful gift that often leads to lifelong friendships. Through this process, a piece of each of our stories is woven together.  Some of my favorite things about this work is receiving updates as your family grows and thrives!"
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Abigail DeGroot

Birth Doula Packages




Women With Doula Support Are:

1 %

 Less likely to have a cesarean birth.

1 %

Less likely to have a negative birth experience.

1 %

More likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth.

*2017 from Cochrane Systematic Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
  • If you are thinking about hiring a doula, in my perspective, the sooner the better. A doula can walk you through your options throughout every stage of pregnancy and can assist you in your provider search. 
  • If your guess date is approaching and you are desiring doula support, reach out! If I don’t have availability, I would be happy to recommend some other local options.
  • Definitely! In fact, many midwives encourage doula support as part of a well rounded birth team.
  • A doula is a non-medical support role. The midwife’s role may include similar aspects, but their role is also clinical. During labor and birth, a midwife’s role may need to focus on the clinical aspects and a doula remains beside you, continuing to provide physical, emotional, and informational support. In a hospital setting, midwives are often not as present and rotate shifts, similar to OB providers; doulas provide continuity of care.
  • Yes! A doula can support your partner, empowering them to support you, by providing suggestions for positions and comfort measures. Partners also need bathroom breaks, food, and rest. A doula brings knowledge and experience that can help you and your partner navigate this unique birth experience.

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