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Abigail DeGroot

Nutrition Coach & Doula

When meeting new clients, the most frequently asked question is “Doula, nutritionist, AND personal chef, why all three?”. It’s a fair question. The question I use in response is, “When holistically educating and nurturing a new life, isn’t nutrition a key element?” So much of the world wants to separate the way we treat our body from any possible outcome. Mental health, illness, pregnancy, weight, skin conditions, auto-immune disease, happiness, and success…etc. You name it; nutrition matters. 

Let’s dive in on nourishing your body through wholesome foods, education, and empowerment,

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” ~William Londen

My Worldview & Experience

Birth Doula

I have been serving families as a doula since February 2018. Through the last four years, I have experienced many different types of birth and have narrowed how I approach birth as a doula. I deeply believe that the body was created perfectly to nourish, protect, and birth a baby. I empower families to tune into their instincts, follow the lead of their body, and trust in a process that is immaculately designed. The body knows what to do and when given the trust and time, birth can be a loving, calm, and beautiful process. Getting the mind onboard is the work that needs to be done. Let’s walk through this preparation together. 

I am experienced in homebirth, birth center birth, hospital birth, Spinning babies, Hypnobabies, Hypnobirth, Bradley Method, water birth, breech birth, unmedicated physiological delivery, medicated vaginal delivery, cesarean, induction, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, group B strep, midwifery care, family practice care, obstetric care, and so much more I would be happy to share with you!

Birth Doula At Hospital
Watermelon and steak


As a child growing up in Minneapolis, MN, I loved being in the kitchen with just about anyone who would have me. I watched my dad cook through instinct, creativity, and passion. I watched my mom cook out of love and the necessity to feed her very large family. Both are very different from one another but both are essential to my growth as a chef. I can remember sitting with my Grandma as a kid and making sourdough grilled cheese with homemade soup. I remember what it felt like when she wrote down her special recipes and told me to keep them safe. I remember being gifted my first set of knives for Christmas at 15 years old. My favorite memories take place in the kitchen or around a table full of food and good people. Food is powerful; food is community. 

I feel driven to serve clients in times of transition. This can be the obvious pregnancy and postpartum times, but also situations like breastfeeding challenges, diet change due to suggestion or diagnosis, or just choosing to step away from highly processed foods. I find one of my greatest talents is the ability to anticipate a need and fill in the cracks to aid in the process. 

I always approach life with the belief that proper nutrition is the cornerstone to be happy and healthy.


In My Spare Time…

Outside of work you will find me with my husband, Matt. As native Minnesotans, we love to travel and spend as much time outside as we can (sun or snow!). We love seeing the differences in food, culture, and community across the globe. We have visited 14 countries together! 

When we aren’t traveling you’ll likely find us in our backyard gardening or out in a park foraging. I feel immense pride in growing and preparing my own food. I don’t grow anything I can’t use as food or medicine, mainly because I couldn’t fathom giving up growing room for something I can’t actively use. To know where your food comes from, who has touched it, what was in the soil, and how it was cared for makes me so happy. I have a deep drive to be able to nourish my family almost exclusively with food we grow or raise ourselves. In addition to our garden, we also can, pickle, and ferment a host of foods and beverages for year-round consumption. In alignment with our desire for sustainability, the freedom to separate from a fast-paced, home-to-work cycle appeals to us as we consider starting a family. 

We also love to spend time with our crazy families located in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I am 6th of 7 children in my family. My older siblings are married with kids which makes us the proud aunt and uncle of 17! Our nieces and nephews span from young adults to babies. My side of the family spends a lot of time outside talking and eating good food. My husband’s side of the family is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. When we are together you can find us in our Packer gear, yelling at the TV, and catching up since we last saw each other.

Let’s Work Together.

At your service along every step of your journey whether it’s nutrition or your birthing needs. I will ensure that it’s everything you hoped for and more.

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